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Foreigner Service Link Center

Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center

tessabahn A local newspaper reports that a conference has been held to prepare the opening of a Service Center for Foreigners in Hua Hin. The press release is below:

Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center
The Governor of Prachuab Khirikhan assigned Mr. Sanit Boonkorsakul, the Vice Governor, to set up Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center to provide an advisory assistance to approximately 3,000 foreigners who live in the Hua Hin Area.

The Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center has two sections: Directing Committee and Administrative Managing Committee.

Directing Committee, is a team of directors in charge of overseeing and supervising the correct running of the center. It will include The Governor, the vice Governor, Provincial Labour, Provincial Workforce Provision, and Provincial Sergeant.

The Administrative Managing Committee, will be in charge of administration and management of the centre. It will consist of the vice Governor as the President, who is assigned with the full authority to be a representative to direct tasks and care-taking of the Hua Hin District sector. Provincial Deputy is the vice president and the Provincial Labour Department is the committee and the secretary teams.

The Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center at the moment is located at Hua Hin's District Office. There is an officer in charge, who speaks fluent English and works with four other officers from the Provincial Workforce Provision Office.

There are some business persons unfairly taking advantages of foreigners relocating to Hua Hin. These persons charge foreigners very high rates for their services. In worst cases, some claim that they are lawyers and provide unauthorised services. The Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center, however, will facilitate foreigners with legally fair assistance.

Opening of Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center
An informal opening of the Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center will take place on the 15th of May at 9:00am. Mr. Sanit Boonkorsakul as Vice Governor will come to this center with some Government Officials. Mr Tuck Dechapanya has invited number of foreigners who lived in Hua Hin come to the center and present their problems to the Vice Governor. Now the foreigners who lived in Hua Hin knew about Hua Hin Foreigner Service Link Center already that the Government will take care them.

Any foreigner, who lives in Hua Hin who has problems or has received an unfair service, should contact the service center after its opening on 15th of May 2007.

Expat Hua Hin will bring you more information on this as we get it.



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